Today, I’m Thankful for You


Another year has passed, readers. And another Thanksgiving has come.

A sporadic tradition (can it still be a tradition if it’s sporadic? Things to ponder) in my family is we go around the Thanksgiving table and say what we are thankful for.

This year, I am thankful, as always, for my family—especially my brothers and sisters and my mom. Thankful that my mom is with us still and is healthy. Thankful for my husband and our dogs and our little house. Thankful for our good health and many blessings.

But I am also thankful for FPA and the FPA members and partners. I am especially thankful for the FPA members and partners who write content for this blog—content that hopefully you all find helpful and relevant to your practices. I am grateful that you take the time to share your knowledge and passion with us—and not just in this blog, but in the Journal of Financial Planning and the FPA Next Generation Planner. And I’m thankful for you, readers.

So today, when my turn comes at the table, I’m going to tell my family all about you and how you inspire me. Thank you for making this work so meaningful, educational and fun.

Happy Thanksgiving.


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Ana Trujillo Limón is senior editor of the Journal of Financial Planning and the FPA Next Generation Planner. She also edits the FPA Practice Management Blog. Email her at, or connect with her on LinkedIn

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